$2,136 Onza HO Titanium cranks!

This record breaking sale for a pair of super-rare Onza HO Titanium prototype cranks was a surprise, especially as they were an unfinished sample.

The winning bidder won’t be worried by the ex-Onza designer recently calling them an “expensive paperweight” or saying they were “definitely not useable”, on Instagram. Nobody in their right mind would ever use an Onza Ti crank, but their fate will be determined by the winning bidder.

If one of our known crank collectors picked these up to join their existing Onza Ti cranks, then they will almost certainly remain as they are. But, if they have been purchased by someone else, their is more chance of them being drilled/threaded and installed on a show bike. Time will tell.

For more background information on Onza HO Titanium cranks, visit this page in our catalogue.