Dave Hemming’s Roberts Dogs BOLX (For SALE)

Dave Hemming’s vintage Roberts Dogs BOLX is up for sale for the second time within the 5 months.

It first appeared on Gumtree where a lucky guy paid just £150 for it from a seller who didn’t know what they had. It was outed on a Retrobike forum thread and the new owner made themselves known on there a few months later.

Fast forward a couple more months and the owner has already decided to sell it on, and has been asking for ‘pricing advice’ (translation: please send me DM offers) in another Retrobike forum thread. This type of behaviour is frowned upon on Retrobike and tends to affect the price people are prepared to pay – it does with me anyway.

The reality is that this is a tired Dogs BOLX frame (although still a work of art under the paint!) and the obvious option for the next owner is to do a Dave Hemming build. The problem is that Dave Hemming’s former ownership doesn’t really add much/any value. He just isn’t a legend like Jason McRoy (JMC) – sorry DH. The Jo Burt (Mint Sauce) scribbles are very cool and do add some value though.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but I suspect it will fetch little more than going rate for a Dogs BOLX frame, whether it sells on a forum or on ebay.

Personally, I think the best next owner – and the one who would value it the most – would be Dave Hemming himself. Go for it Dave!

$2,136 Onza HO Titanium cranks!

This record breaking sale for a pair of super-rare Onza HO Titanium prototype cranks was a surprise, especially as they were an unfinished sample.

The winning bidder won’t be worried by the ex-Onza designer recently calling them an “expensive paperweight” or saying they were “definitely not useable”, on Instagram. Nobody in their right mind would ever use an Onza Ti crank, but their fate will be determined by the winning bidder.

If one of our known crank collectors picked these up to join their existing Onza Ti cranks, then they will almost certainly remain as they are. But, if they have been purchased by someone else, their is more chance of them being drilled/threaded and installed on a show bike. Time will tell.

For more background information on Onza HO Titanium cranks, visit this page in our catalogue.

Paul Brodie: the man behind Brodie Bikes

This fantastic book by Paul Brodie is a must read for any avid mountain bike enthusiast. As one of the early mountain bike pioneers, and one of the great frame builders, we are given an insight into his early influences, successes and failures.

Brodie became well known for being a talented designer at Rocky Mountain, before breaking away to start Brodie Bikes. He is also credited for creating the sloping top tube to give better rider clearance.

We learn how Brodie  transitioned into building and racing vintage motorcycles and, keeping to his roots, teaching bicycle frame building at the University of the Fraser Valley. How lucky are those students?!

Laced with entertaining stories, we also get to see a humorous side to this highly regarded Canadian.

Pick up your copy from Amazon.

£160 for a USED Answer Hyperlite handlebar? SOLD!

Wow, this crazy ebay auction was bid up by two desperados who were obviously very keen to land one of these bars for a build.

At £160 , I could have bought sixteen NOS 3DV bars in the late 1990’s… but I bought two instead. This was thanks to a lead from fellow early retro collector known as scantregard (now scant) on the Singletrack Forum who mentioned that he knew of a bike shop clearing them out for £10 each.

Shocked at the prospect, I asked for the name of the bike shop and gave them a call. He was correct, they had loads available. I asked about the cost of postage… it was free. Amazing! I only needed one for my NOS Manitou HT build at the time, but I couldn’t resist getting a spare at that price.

All in original packaging of course. Much like this NOS 3DV Hyperlite which has just appeared on Retrobike for a bargainous £65.

You would think that the ebay winner is probably kicking himself for paying so much, but it’s highly unlikely. The game is very different at the top end of the market.  I’ll go into more detail about this another time.

Happy hunting!