About Us

Velocipede is a catalogue of bicycle components from the vintage and retro eras of mountain biking. It is a platform to share our knowledge, experience and thoughts.

The website was originally founded in 2010 as a searchable database linking the usernames of Retrobike forum members, Singletrack forum members and ebay members.

The origins of the database go back to 1997 when we first started to record the usernames of fellow cycling enthusiasts we were dealing with on the Singletrack forum.

When ebay UK was founded in late 1999, the ability to match usernames on both platforms became a possibility. But it wasn’t until 2000 when the ebay Cycling section started to grow sufficiently that we added an ‘ebay’ field and created a searchable database for our own use.

The database grew rapidly after Retrobike was founded in 2005.

A large number of database entries were lost when Singletrack released a new forum in 2009. Everyone was required to sign up again… and many did so with new usernames!

Today, the database still exists but it has been sidelined in order to focus on cataloguing our vast collection of vintage and retro mountain bike components.