Bike Dictionary

Colourway (Colorway)
The term used to describe a particular paint combination. In the UK we tended to say ‘paint job’ but the North American influence of ‘colorway’ seems to have been adopted by many over the years.

The 1990/91 Klein Attitude colorway Bright Green/White/Magenta is known as Dolomiti in Europe, particularly Germany. Langnese are the largest ice cream producer in Germany and they have an ice lolly called Dolomiti which is very similar to the Klein paint, see here:

Hairsine Ratio
The Hairsine Ratio became a staple for weight-weenies in the UK in the early 1990’s. It was named after weight conscious rider Jon Hairsine who wanted to determine which components would save the most weight for the lowest cost. The calculation is: cost / weight (this is the weight, usually in grams, that you would save if buying a new component). The lower the resultant number, the lower cost per gram saved. For example: A pair of wheels at £200 may save 100g (Hairsine = 2.0), but a new pair of tyres at £50 may also save 100g (Hairsine = 0.5). So you would save more weight per £ if you bought the tyres.

New In Box. Old items that are still new, unused and in the original box. If the part has been stored in the box from new then it should be in perfect condition, however you should confirm with the seller. The box is likely to have marks from storage.

New In Pack. Items that are still in new packaging i.e. a blister pack, plastic bag, etc. Not as robust as a box so the contents are more likely to have suffered damage.


New Old Stock. New an unused items They have most likely been in storage for many years and/or have shelf wear, so NOS does not guarantee they are in 100% perfect condition.

Q Factor
The term Q Factor refers to the measurement between the outside of your cranks at the pedal hole. In order to assist with the measurement you could rotate one crank arm 180 degrees on the bottom bracket axle. The idea is that the lower the Q-Factor the more efficiently the rider can pedal and with less risk of causing injury. For optimum output, you would ideally have a Q Factor which matches the distance between the insides of your feet when you walk.

The acronym RBP stands for Responsive Braking Power. It is used by Tektro to describe a range of its brake components, including: brakes, brake levers, brake lever extensions, brake hangers and brake boosters. But, just to confuse matters, ‘RBP’ is also emblazoned on the packaging of their chain related accessories including Anti-Chain Jam Plates (100 A / 102 A) and Chain Tensioner (103 A). Weird.

Repro is the term used when the original creator of a product reproduces a new batch years later due to an increase in demand.

Repop is a term which originated in North America and seemingly the BMX scene. It describes an old item which has been remade at a later date by someone other than the original creator.

The largest retro bike website worldwide. It started with a small group of friends who regularly persuaded members of the Singletrack forum to join the newly formed Retrobike forum so they could buy and sell (predominantly high end) retro items on an exclusive platform.