Suzue Date Codes

Suzue have a variation of the date code system introduced by Suntour. Rather than use two letters, they opted for a number first (year) followed by a letter (month). This clearly isn’t the best system for long term use as every 10 years as you will use the same number again, so it may not be immediately obvious whether a hub was produced in 1974 or 1984, for example. However, the physical differences between hubs a decade apart should enable you to tell them apart with a litte more research.

You will see our date code chart on the left side of this page. We are assuming that Suzue used date codes when they started manufacturing their light alloy hubs in 1972.

Even when buying a matching pair of Suzue hubs from new there was no guarantees that front and rear would share the same year code. For example, we have matching pairs of new hubs stamped 1983 and 1984, but it is clear the pair were intended for release in 1984.

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