Onza Ules Grips re-issue

The re-issue of one of the great 1990’s grips has arrived! It comes as no surprise to us, as we have been a big fan of Onza grips over the years.

The main differences compared to the originals are at either end of each grip; a single lock-on at the shifter end and a closed end for the outside edge. With the days of installing bar-ends (mostly) gone, there is no real need to have an open ended grip + plastic end plug combo these days. Besides, you could just cut a hole in the ends of them to install bar ends if you wanted to – something most of us done many years ago with ODI Tomac Attack grips, before they introduced a bar-end specific version for us.

The major pluses with these grips are the ‘grip’ they give you, the weight at only 89g and also the thin profile – making them ideal for smaller hands or those wearing gloves.

Colour options at the moment are; Black (of course), yummy Gum (looks like caramel) and a super cool Camo (our favourite).

RRP is £19.99, but you can find them a little cheaper. They are available from numerous sources, so get out there and find them!