Cook Bros Racing – 1st Gen (CBR and RSR) Crank Caps

Cook Brothers Racing produced 1st and 2nd Generation 7075-T6 aluminium crank caps as their range of cranks evolved. 1st Gen crank caps were for early CBR and RSR dog bone cranks and 2nd Gen caps pair up with the later E and F series cranks.

Both crank caps share the same 22mm x 1mm thread, but the profile of the dome cap is different. So the only way to achieve a seamless spherical dog bone profile is to pair cranks with the correct caps.

1st Gen caps have a 1mm diameter lip which protrudes externally in order to sit on the 1mm flat section surrounding the threaded crank extractor hole. The outer diameter of the caps measures 23.5mm. The overall height of the cap is 10.85mm of which 4mm is the height of the dome.

See here for more details on the 2nd Gen (E and F) crank caps.

Colour: Black, Grey, Purple, Silver
Weight: 7g (pair)
RRP: $10 (pair)
Made: USA