Crud Race Guard – Rear Mudguard (mk2)

The idea of a seatpost mounted rear mudguard was first mentioned to Mr Crud by a German journalist friend Eddie Wagner. At first they didn’t consider it to be feasible, but after numerous prototypes and testing the Race Guard was born.

Finally, the shackles of a mudguard having to be attached to specific areas of a bike frame were finally broken. Being stuck with mudguards on a near-permanent basis were also a thing of the past. The era of being able to quickly attach and remove rear mudguards was finally here.

The name Race Guard immediately told the mountain bike community that it was ok to install this on a high end bikes so you didn’t have to return home after a club ride with your back covered in muddy water. Similarly, it became the perfect alternative to static mudguards on commuter mountain bikes and also enabled the bike to be cleaned easier and faster.

This improved version of the original Crud Guard mk1 was very simple by comparison. Rather than catering for attachment to the frame in thee places, there was now only one. The polypropylene guard is attached to the polypropylene clamp with a 6mm allen bolt, and the clamp is secured around the seatpost with 2 x 6mm allen bolts. A selection of rubber shims were supplied to cater all popular seatpost sizes.

Colour: Black, Blue, Clear, Grey, Purple, Red
Made: England, UK