Crud Guard – Rear Mudguard (mk1)

Mountain bike specific mudguards were originally beefed up road bike mudguards in the same classic style, but Mister Crud broke the mold with their fashionable and robust mudguards.

The Crud Guard is intended for 26″ wheels only. It features a polypropylene guard which attaches to the seat stay bridge of a frame using a 6mm bolt/nut combination. 2 x alloy rods are permanently connected to the guard via flexible rubber shoulders which allow greater flexibility when fitting. The lower ends of the rods are fitted with rubber boots, and the Crud branded stainless steel clamps attach over the rubber boots to prevent the mudguard from slipping. The clamps have bolt holes so they can be attached to the mudguard dropouts on a frame via 4mm allen bolts. Once these bolts are tightened in a frame, the clamps automatically tighten around the alloy rods to keep it all in place.

The Crud Race Guard mk2 simplified this design by completely omitting the use of rods, rubber interfaces and steel clamps, and clamped to only to the seatpost instead.

Colour: Black, Clear
Weight: 175g
Made: England, UK