Crud Catcher – Front Mudguard (mk2)

Mister Crud’s updated version of the Crud Catcher was a significant improvement over the original Crud Catcher mk1. The boxy profile of old had been replaced with a streamlined profile more akin to a razor blade, and it could now be attached to any diameter of down tube.

It is worth noting that there were three slightly different versions of the Crud Catcher mk2. They all share the same overall shape but it is the holes/slots and branding which are different:

1. The first version has two holes so the guard can either be attached with allen bolts directly to any frame with bosses under the down tube, or the two polypropylene frame clips (supplied) can pressed into the holes so the guard can be clipped around the down tube. There are also four slots so that the guard can be attached to virtually any frame using two zip ties (reusable zip-ties supplied).

2. Later versions were not supplied with the two polypropylene frame clips. Instead, they include four hooks underneath which eabled the guard to be attached to the frame using two rubber bands (supplied with the guard). The guard retained the two round holes so it can still be attached directly to a frame with bosses on the underside of the down tube.

3. Pace branded guards have two round holes so they can be fitted to Pace RC200/250/300 frames which already had bosses on the underside of their down tubes, and also four slots so they could be fitted to a non-Pace frame if desired. There were at least two versions of the Pace guards; one printed with Pace, Raceware and Renthal Competition Handlebar, and the other printed with RC-200 F3. Pace guards were only available in Clear.

Colour: Black, Blue, Clear, Grey, Purple, Red
Weight: 38g (guard only), 40g (inc. zip-ties or rubber bands), 66g (inc. clips)
RRP: £6.95
Made: England, UK