Crud Catcher – Front Mudguard (mk1)

Up until 1991 mountain bike riders and racers were content to strap all sorts of random plastic items to the underside of their downtube to prevent mud from hitting them in the face. Then along came Mister Crud with a simple solution, the Crud Catcher.

This was their very first product and one which would catapult the brand into other products including the Crud Claw, Dave’s Chain Device (DCD) and the Cog Hog, but continuous development of mudguards has always been front and centre.

When you see the Crud Catcher mk1 today it appears very bulky and unrefined (some would say ugly), but in 1991 it was new and functional. Two polypropylene frame clips pressed into the upside-down scoop shaped polypropylene mudguard. The clips could then be pressed around the down tube of a frame. Unfortunately, the clips were only intended for small diameter steel tubing, so these could not be fitted to larger tubes aluminium frames such those from Cannondale – this problem was resolved in Crud Catcher mk2.

Colour: Black, Clear
Made: England, UK