King Cage BarBell

Not the kind of BarBell you would lift, more the kind of uptured Bell you would have while standing at the Bar. Say what? This unique handmade 3Al/2.5V titanium bell from King Cage can be unscrewed and turned into a shot glass! In classic King Cage style, the bell is stamped with “KING CAGE” around the top.

It is attached to the handlebar via a stainless steel adjustable hose clip which perfectly reflects the rugged nature of the unit. A brass lever, resembeling a giant tack, is attached to a pressed stainless steel plate which acts as spring to project the brass lever into the bell and produce a high pitched ‘ping!’.

The perfect addition for the – these guys are great, check them out.

BarBells have not been readily available outside the USA, but they can be found at

Colour: Titanium/Brass (natural)
RRP: $40
Made: USA