Goldtec Hubs

Goldtec XC Hubs (mk1)

Beautiful mid-1990’s sealed cartridge mountain bike hubs from a boutique British company with a flair for producing high-end drivechain components at very reasonable prices.

The Shimano compatible freehubs appear to have been hand carved from a steel billet with a chisel – we absolutely love them! One slick feature if that no tools are required in order to remove the 4 pawl freehub. The freehub is intended for 8spd setups but will of course accept a 9/10spd cassette or 7spd with a spacer.

The rear hub has the added benefit of a grease port but this luxury wasn’t afforded to the front hub, unlike offerings from those such as WTB and Pace who opted for grease ports in both hubs.

They are available in standard 100mm/135mm widths, 28/32/32 holes and a variety of colours.




Goldtec are one of the lesser known British brands who obtained a cult following in the mid-1990’s. Their designer and creator was Jason Carpenter who operated out of Caerphilly, South Wales.

Their activity hadn’t gone unnoticed by the engineering company BETD, who proceeded to acquire Goldtec in order to expand their range of products.

In May 2016, BETD themselves were taken over by an even larger fish, KMF Group. This resulted in BETD moving from their engineering base in Croft Road, Newcastle to KMF Group’s HQ at High Carr Business Park, also in Newcastle.