BICI Design Hubs

BICI World Champion MTB hubs have 100/135mm spacing are available in 28/32/36 hole combinations. They have an 8spd Shimano compatible freehub. Earlier versions have the standard spoke holes, while later iterations have alternating countersunk holes which aids spoke seating… and makes it easier to build them into wheels!

The downside is that they overbuilt and heavy. It has been reported that the bearings often need replacing as soon as you receive them.

Weight: 157g (front), 373g (rear)
Made: Italy



There has been a lot of uncertainty as to who BICI actually are, which is surprising considering they are more than a one component company. In fact, their range consists of front and rear hubs (alloy and alloy/carbon), aluminium cassettes, headsets, seatposts, bottom brackets, Ringle copy wheel/seat quick releases, brake boosters, titanium bolt kits and more.

The assumption has always been that they are Italian, which makes sense from the instructions sheets supplied with their components being written in both Italian and English. But, confusingly, on the two pieces of packaging we have seen, one indicates that the company was established in 1989 and says ‘BICI Design © California, USA’, while the other indicates that the component (a hub) is from 1994 and is branded BICI Racing Components with an address in Lugano, Switzerland.

Confusion aside, it turns out that BICI are a brand name for the well known bike component manufacturer Poggipolini. The similarity between their carbon shell hubs is  apparent… and it all makes perfect sense when you think about it.

That said, BICI were completely unknown in the UK during the golden era of mountain biking. They only came to our attention from 2006 when  components started to appear for private sale over here by our European cousins.

From at least 2012 there has been primarily one major reseller of retro BICI components and they are based on the Czech Republic, Bi(cz)ycle collection –