Tien Hsin Double Lock Headset Locknut

Tien Hsin Industries manufacture components under their own name as well as many others, including their more well known brand name FSA. This is why you will notice that the FSA SureLock – produced at a later date – is identical.

The Tien Hsin Double Lock is more discreet than most aftermarket locknuts as it retains a traditional profile. The ‘Double Lock’ refers to having the additional security of grub screws on either side which – when tightened with a 3mm allen key – secure a circlip hidden between the threads against either side of a threaded steerer tube to prevent the locknut from working loose.

The lockring has ‘Tien Hsin’ printed above one grub screw and either ‘Double Lock’ or ‘Double Locking Mechanism’ above the other. The rubber seal has ‘TIEN HSIN’ and ‘NORMAL SIZE SEAL 22.2’ written around the top.

Tien Hsin branded locknuts were only available for 1″ headsets.

Colour: Black, Silver
Weight: 27g (1″)
Made: Taiwan