Gorilla Headlock ‘Ultralight’ Headset Locknut

The original Gorilla Headlock ‘Standard’ was overbuilt and with just one colour (Silver) it was bland at a time when anodised colours were popular. This led to the release of a new, lightweight and colourful version called the Gorilla Headlock ‘Ultralight’.

The updated locknut does not resemble the original in any way. The profile is minimal and elegant, with extra metal only in the area needed to house the bolt required to clamp the locknut to the threaded steerer tube. The rubber o-ring was retained to keep the water out.

This was a final hurrah for the Headlock, as the threadless headset (Aheadset) bandwagon was on course to dominate the headset market.

Colour: Black, Blue, Purple, Silver
Made: USA