Gorilla Headlock ‘Standard’ Headset Locknut

Gorilla Headlock was the creation of RM Inovations in Durango, USA. They were the first company to release an aftermarket locknut for the mountain bike market in order to solve the problem of threaded headsets working loose. It is a simple but effective replacement for a stock headset locknut.

This was the first version to be released and subsequently became known as the Gorilla Headlock “Standard” once a lightweight version called the Gorilla Headlock ‘Ultralight’ followed.

The unit is beautifully CNC machined and has a rubber o-ring at the top to prevent water ingress. The locknut is not just slotted on one side like the Grey Components Threadlock, but partially on the other side as well to enable an even firmer grip around the steerer tube. It is then secured in place using an allen bolt.

Gorilla Headlock is the most well known locknut of its type and was very popular in the early 1990s. It was the rising popularity of the threadless headset which rendered this device obsolete.

Colour: Silver
Weight: 39g (1″), 41g (1 1/8″), 48g (1 1/4″)
RRP: £7.99
Made: USA