Sampson MTB Cranks

Sampson cranks were almost certainly inspired by Grafton Joystix and Sims Lite-Ning cranks, but they certainly hold their own as a beautifully sculptured work of art.

They are machined from 7075-T6 aluminum have the profile of a stealth fighter. Sampson clearly learned from the lessons of their rivals by only removing metal from the arms and spider where it wasn’t required, while ensuring there was plenty left around the bottom bracket and  pedal axles.

Unlike Grafton and Sims, the drive side features a removable spider held in place with a stainless steel bolt which can be removed with a 4mm allen key. The spider includes four of the five chainring mounts, while separate spacers attach to the crank arm to make up the fifth. Why the spider isn’t complete is something of a mystery as the weight saving is minimal, and it doesn’t allow the spider to be swapped out for one with a different BCD.

Another unusual feature is the decision not to anodise the cranks. Instead they are raw aluminium, polished to the most wonderful mirror finish.

They were available in only 175mm or 180mm lengths and standard 110/74mm or 94mm/56mm (Suntour MicroDrive) spider configurations.

Length: 175, 180mm
Axle: Square taper
Colour: Silver (natural – polished)
Weight: 469g (175mm/110 BCD) inc. inner bolts/spacers.
RRP: $220
Made: USA