Ritchey Logic Cranks

Ritchey Logic cranks ooze class! It is no surprise that they are a popular aftermarket upgrade as the price point is on par with Shimano Deore XT M730 cranks. It was probably more surprising that Cannondale opted to have Ritchey Logic cranks as an OEM product on their high-end 1991 Cannondale SE2000 EST full suspension bike, despite the rest of the gearing being Shimano Deore XT.

The crank arms are cold-forged duraluminium which gives them incredible strength and reliability. It speaks volumes that Tom Ritchey never released a CNC machined crank given the popularity of them in the 1990’s, but history has shown that he was right to do so given the catastrophic failure of so many (more expensive) CNC machined cranks.

Ritchey went a step further and included a ‘hidden pin’ to keep the weight down and further and increase stiffness.

Contrary to most CNC machined cranks at that time which had a high Q-Factor, Ritchey opted for a low 151mm Q-Factor which is more ergonomic and increases pedalling efficiency. By contrast, modern external bottom bracket arrangements such as Shimano Hollowtech II have thrown ergonomics completely out of the window by increasing the Q-Factor i.e. XTR M960 measures 168mm.

The non-drive side arm has an artistic touch at the the bottom bracket axle end, a point! But this isn’t purely cosmetic, the extra metal is there to prevent arm failure… and it works.

Ritchey further blurs the lines between stock Shimano/Suntour cranks and boutique cranks by hand polishing their crank arm for the highest quality finish. They are available anodised in Silver or Black. The cool ‘Ritchey Logic’ logo is then screen printed onto to each arm.

Chainrings are of course Ritchey branded, beautifully finished and complete the package perfectly. They are available in 24/36/26t and 26/36/48t configurations.

Length: 170,172.5,175,175.5,180mm
Axle: Square taper
Colour: Silver, Black
Weight: 675g (175mm)
RRP: £159.95
Made: Japan