Middleburn RS1/Rhino Cranks

The Middleburn Rhino/RS1 cranks are where it all started for Middleburn in 1991. They were originally known as ‘Rhino’, but this was dropped in favour of ‘RS1’. They are exactly the same cranks, apart from Rhino cranks will either have an etched or printed Rhino logo on the arms.

The arms are heavily fluted to the rear which increases strength and rigidity while reducing weight.

The dog bone style made them appear to be the British equivalent of Cook Bros Racing cranks, without the smooth lines and legendary brand name of course. The main advantages they had over their North American rivals were price and the ability to replace the spider.

Suntour Microdrive 94mm/56mm and Road 130mm compatible spiders were available for ultimate flexibility.

Length: 170-175mm
Axle: JIS Square taper
Colour: Black, Green, Purple, Red, Silver
Weight: 420g (175mm) for crank arms only
RRP: £143.95
Made: UK