Matrix CQP Cranks

Matrix was a Trek brand name which was used for their own components during the early 1990’s. These rebranded Cooks Quality Products (CQP M-2000 Pro-Lite) cranks were supplied to Trek as an OEM product for their top of the range composite Trek 8900 in 1990.

The crank arms feature the Matrix logo (where the Cook’s logo would normally be located) plus the traditional CQP crank arm length indicator immediately after it. The standard CQP “Made in USA” flag sticker is also present at the bottom bracket axle end. Instead of the usual oval CQP logo sticker on the spider, there is an oval Matrix sticker in its place.

Available in 176mm crank length and in Black only.

Supplied with black 24/38/48t Sakae Roundtech chainrings to run with the Suntour XC-Pro 7spd drivetrain specified on the Trek 8900.

Length: 176mm
Axle: Square taper
Colour: Black
Made: USA