Cook Bros Racing – 2nd Gen (E and F) Crank Caps

When the Cook Bros released their E-series cranks in 1996 they also introduced the 2nd Gen 7075-T6 aluminium crank caps to match – these are the same crank caps used on the F-series cranks which were released in 1997.

2nd Gen caps have a spherical profile which is slightly less pronounced than the 1st Gen (CBR and RSR) crank caps. So at 3.5mm in height they match the profile of the crank arms. The overall height of the caps was reduced to 21.6mm which also reduced the weight by 1g per pair.

This time there was also no need for a cap with a lip as the spherical profile on the cranks extended right to the hole. It meant that; (a) the cap was easier to machine, and (b) the cap had a smaller diameter of 21.6mm.

Colour: Black, Cobalt Blue, Polished Silver, Red, Turquoise Blue, Yellow
Weight: 6g (pair)
Made: USA