Syncros Crank-O-Matic Crank Bolts

Syncros were at the forefront when it came to bringing quick release crank bolts to the mountain bike market with their Crank-O-Matic’s. The idea originated in the early 1980s with the Shimano One Key Release crank bolts which were targetted at touring and road bike users, but the product was discontinued.

The main benefit of these bolts is that they enable quick crank removal with just an allen key, thereby eliminating the need for a crank extractor and spanner.

Syncros took the concept to another level by starting with lightweight 6Al/4V titanium bolts which are Tiodized and Tiolubed to prevent galling, and rolled threads rather than cut threads to ensure they are super-strong. The bolt head is polished and accepts a 6mm allen key for installation and removal of the cranks.

The Zicral aluminium caps are hard anodized in either Gold or Silver. They sit over the head of the bolt and are installed/removed using a 2-pin adjustable spanner. The “Syncros Crank-O-Matic” etching on each cap is a nice touch.

To prevent friction between the bolt and cap, sintered (oil impregnated) bronze washers ensure they can move as freely as possible. And larger sintered bronze washers sit between the crank bolts an the crank arm. These save weight over the usual steel washers but they are prone to wear and the larger washers often become pushed out of shape.

Before installation, ensure all threads are clean and apply Ti-Prep/Copper Slip to the threads of both the crank caps and bolts. Also be careful when using the 2-pin adjustable spanner as it can be easy to scratch the caps – Gold caps look particularly ugly when scratched.

Colour: Caps available in Gold or Silver
Weight: 18g (pair)
Made: Canada