Shimano One Key Release Crank Bolts

Shimano were their first company to bring self-extracting cranks to the market in the early 1980’s. The Shimano One Key Release was an original idea that enabled the user to ditch their crank extractor and socket wrench and simply use a 6mm allen key for crank installation and removal instead.

The target market was primarily touring bikes due to simplifying maintenance of the bike while away and also, to a lesser extent, the road racing crowd. But, as the road bike market took off, and interest in touring bikes gradually declined, so too did the interest in the One Key Release. Everything about road bikes was becoming more sleek and lightweight, which meant sleek crank caps and not ugly 42g self-extracting crank bolts.

So this led to Shimano dropping the One Key Release. It was years later in the early 1990’s, during the golden era of mountain biking, that Syncros spotted an opportunity to revive the self-extracting crank bolt in the form of the super-light 18g Syncros Crank-O-Matic.

The One Key Release is almost indestructible with hardened steel bolts and washers, and chrome steel caps. The only soft element is the plastic washer which sits between the bolt and the cap to prevent galling.

Installation and removal of the crank caps is undertaken using the two holes in the caps which require the use of a 2-pin adjustable spanner. It is recommended that Ti-Prep/Copper Slip is applied to the threads of both the crank caps and bolts before installation.

Colour: Caps available in Chrome only
Weight: 42g (pair)
Made: Japan