Pedersen Cantilever Brakes

Pedersen SE-2000

The Pedersen SE-2000 is a later iteration of the original Scott/Pedersen self-energising cantilever brake which was first released in 1988.

The self-energising element consists of an internal helix in each arm which moves brakes pads inwards i.e. towards and rim (as you would expect) and also forwards in the rotational direction the wheel. This forward motion increases brake power for less effort than a traditional cantilever brake.

Unlike the earlier Scott/Pedersen SE and Suntour/Pedersen SE brakes which have both an internal helix and a spring in each arm, the Pedersen SE-2000 brake arms only contain the helix. The spring element is taken care of by a proprietary Pedersen SE-2000 Brake Hanger which simplifies the design of the brakes, but also makes them more fiddly to setup.

Important. The brakes are front and rear specific. It is dangerous to install them the wrong way around.

Weight: 190g (each end) inc bolts/pads/hanger