Dia-Compe/Grafton SC Brake Pads

These are often referred to as Grafton Speed Controller (SC) brake pads. Not that they were ever made specifically for Grafton! They did come as standard with the SC brakes though, which makes them sought after by the more serious collectors. Besides, the squared edgy profile of the pads suits the SC brakes so well.

We discovered many years ago that these pads were supplied as-standard with the relatively unpopular Dia-Compe XCT and XCM cantilever brakes and proceeded to acquire complete brake sets NOS from the USA (predominantly) for peanuts… while everyone else was paying a premium for a set of used pads whenever they came up for sale. We kept the pads for our own SC brakes and sold on the XTC/XCM brakes cheaply without pads. So our tip is to search for XCT and XCM brakes and not Grafton SC pads.

Let’s not spend time talking about how well these pads work (not great as it happens) as nobody is buying them for performance. They just happened to be the pads Grafton used, so SC owners are the only people who desire them.

Overall pad length is 55mm (53mm contact area) with an overall pad width of 19mm (12.5mm contact area, tapering to 8.5mm at the ends).

Weight: 66g (one end)
Made: Japan