Von Giese (VG) Brake Hangers

Von Giese (VG) #1

VG hangers were created by Leonard Von Giese. They are of BMX origin and highly sought after.

This inverted-Y version is beautifully machined and sports an engraved VG logo on the front. There are no less than 5 grub screws on the rear to firmly attach the cables – 3 to hold the brake cable and 2 to hold the straddle cable. CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum.

Weight: 11.33g
Made: USA


Von Giese (VG) / Knight

Here is the alternate version of VG hangers. They first surfaced on bmxmuseum.com in 2012 and then flooded ebay shortly after. The original story was that a NOS batch had been discovered in a warehouse. Even the packaging was VG branded to add to their purported legitimacy.
Leonard Von Giese denied all knowledge of these as they were never an original VG product.

However, these hangers turned out to be identical to those sold by Knight Bike Co. As many people were suggesting that Knight had copied the VG design, the owner of Knight (George) spoke out. He said the design was 100% their own. They were a combination of the Avid Tri-Dangle and Fly Bikes hangers and were designed with the help of Protoworks in 2005. The only link to VG is that in 2007 Knight asked VG to produce hangers for them and apparently VG were left with stock. George stated that “The ones they are currently selling [in 2012] are hangers that were made for Knight production [in 2007] but never purchased by Knight.” but how he can be certain these were the ones being sold remains unclear.

They are CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum with just one grub screw to hold the brake cable. The straddle cable is not fixed in place.

Weight: 5.67g
Made: USA