Ringle Components Brake Hangers

Ringle Mojo

Ringle Components released the Mojos in 1995 and they are the most iconic brake hangers of the 1990’s. CNC machined to perfection and with machining marks and characteristics  which clearly identify them from the host of copies which have turned up ever since.

The cables are firmly held in place with 4 grub screws.

Available in the popular anodised colours – Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Silver.

Weight: 7.8g each
RRP: £14.99 each
Made: USA



According to John Grafton, his friend Geoff Ringle stole the idea for a peace/ban the bomb cable hanger. More details in the Grafton Fat Finger section.

After producing a small number of prototypes,  one batch of 10,000 Mojo’s were produced for the market. So that’s a maximum possible 5,000 pairs and with their being 6 different colours it equates to about 833 matching pairs. The numbers certainly don’t equate to real life, where they are not abundantly available. This was predominately due to do many being strip threaded and/or ending up on keyrings or simply thrown away due to the introduction of the V-brake. We were also partly to blame having collected them for peanuts since 1997 and amassing the largest collection of Mojo’s on the planet! For many years, we won virtually every ebay auction worldwide, apart from those which didn’t ship to the UK or our sniper failed. With prices ramping up to £150+ shipping for a NIP pair and £100 + shipping for a used pair in 2013/14, the door opened for the the CNC copycats. First was Vinevo on RetroBike from 2014 to 2015 with a limited run of Vinevo FauxJo’s, followed by a huge run at a budget pricepoint by gravitytoy on ebay. This impacted on the asking prices for Ringle Mojo’s, but serious collectors still covet the real thing for their period correct builds.


Turquoise or Blue?

This is an interesting one because when it comes to turquoise being an official Ringle colour, the majority of Mojo’s are actually blue. You can see our Mojo stack fade from an ink blue (top) to turquoise (bottom) below:

This reduces the number of true turquoise Mojo’s substantially, which isn’t ideal for those wishing to match with existing turquoise components i.e. the Yeti crowd.