Paul Brake Hangers

Paul Moon Units (mk1)

Paul Component Engineering were very early to market with these half-moon shaped aftermarket beauties in 1994 – three years earlier than the most iconic aftermarket hangers, Ringle Mojo’s, in 1995.

Although CNC machined, they mimic the more traditional style of hangers in design (such as Mafac) by having a groove  to hold a free floating straddle cable. But rather than a simple nut/bolt combination to clamp the brake cable in place, Paul opted to use an 8mm in diameter alloy motorcycle solderless nipple with a stainless steel M5 allen bolt – requires a 4mm allen key.

These hangers are generally sought after by those running Paul Stoplight or Stoplight MC cantilever brakes.

Available in a limited range of anodised colours – Black, Blue, Purple and Silver.

Weight: 6.5g each
RRP: £14.99 pair
Made: USA