McMahon Racing Components (MRC) Brake Hangers

MRC G-Spot

McMahon Racing Components (MRC) joined forces with Crystal Design to create these beautifully machined button hangers. Consider these to be a a ‘grown ups’ version of the Onza Chill Pills.

The minimalist design requires just one allen bolt to secure the brake cable with a 2.5mm allen key, while the straddle cable is free to move.

An essential match for your MRC D-Cell cantilever brakes.

Available in the popular colours – Black, Blue, Gold, Purple and Silver.

Weight: 6.5g
Made: USA


MRC Linear Decelerator

McMahon Racing Components (MRC) produced these hangers specifically for their  MRC Linear Decelerator cantilever brakes – which they came supplied with.

Each hanger utilises threaded rods similar to the Oddyssey Straddle Rods. The idea being that the brakes can be more finely tuned and will be more powerful due to less straddle cable flex.

Available in the popular colours – Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, Red, Silver and Turquoise.

Made: USA