Grafton Brake Hangers

Grafton  Fat Finger/Stop Sign

John Grafton presented us with a playful take on the humble brake hanger with his memorable Fat Finger and Stop Sign offerings.

The brake cable is held in place by one grub screw at the back. The straddle wire is not clamped to the hanger but hooked over the rear of the hanger and free to move.

They are a perfect match for Grafton Speed Controller/SCII/Mag-Lite cantilever brakes… and for those looking for shock value!

Available in a limited range of anodised colours – Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Silver.

RRP: $18.95
Made: USA



John Grafton said that he came up with the idea of producing Peace symbol brake hangers while in a conversation with his friend Geoff Ringle. A few months later, Geoff released the iconic Ringle Mojo! John’s comical response to Geoff was the Grafton Fat Finger 🙂


2015 Storage Unit Find

Fat Fingers were rare and very sought after until moondog142 obtained a huge batch of unfinished brake hangers from a storage unit previously owned by John Grafton in Durango, USA in 2015. They were devoid of the  finger detailing, so many were bought and the detailing added by applying die-cut vinyl masks and then media blasting. Very few of the early refinished Fat Fingers went on to be sold at a premium price before demand plummeted. The unfinished asking price was the equivalent of £10-£15 per pair. As of 2017, they are still available in Black, Blue and Purple, but Green have all been sold. Green were originally offered cheaper (being by far the least popular of the colours available) and it was these which buyers such as Intrincycle UK picked up to re-anodise/re-finish in Purple and Aqua Fade(!) a-la Fat Chance Yo Eddy.