White Industries Phantom Titanium Bottom Bracket

White Industries flagship bottom bracket features a hollow titanium axle and adjustable chain line. The axle is secured using two collars with 3 grub screws in each to hold the collars in place. Unlike others such as Cook Bros where the collars protrude, White Industries neatly set theirs within the cups and gave access to the grub screws via holes in the outside of each cup.

While the adjustable chain line gives greater flexibility, it does result it a more time consuming set-up, particularly when you try to reach the grub screws on the drive side with the chainset attached.

The 2 x 61903 (6903) sealed cartridge bearings can be replaced, but can be difficult to remove as they often get stuck in the cups. If care is not taken, the cups can crack and usually through the weakest points i.e. where the grub screw holes are located.

Axle: 112, 117, 122, 125, 128, 132mm
Shell: Floating axle works with all shell widths
Thread: English
Colour: Silver
Weight: 154g (112mm), 164g (122mm), 166g (125mm)
RRP: £139.95
Made: USA