White Industries Phantom Cro-Mo Bottom Bracket

White Industries released the Phantom Cro-Mo bottom bracket as a more affordable version of the plush White Industries Phantom Titanium. It is an ideal quality replacement for a stock unit and a good choice for those requiring a rock solid bottom bracket. The hollow cro-mo axle keeps weight down and increases rigidity. The T6061 CNC machined aluminium cups are exactly the same as those on its more expensive titanium brother.

It has a floating axle which is used to adjust your chain line. The axle is secured using two collars with 3 grub screws in each to hold the collars in place. Using a floating axle meant that White Industries could produce straight 17mm axles (without collars) which reduced production difficulty/cost. It also meant that, as a user, you may not always need to switch axles if you install a new crank.

While the adjustable chain line gives greater flexibility, it does result it a more time consuming set-up, particularly as you try to reach the grub screws on the drive side with a chainset attached.

The 2 x 61903 (6903) sealed cartridge bearings can be replaced, but can be difficult to remove as they often get stuck in the cups. If care is not taken, the cups can crack and usually through the weakest points i.e. where the grub screw holes are located.

Axle: 112, 117, 122, 125, 128, 132mm
Shell: Floating axle works with all shell widths
Thread: English
Colour: Black
Weight: 214g (112mmm)
RRP: £69.95
Made: USA