Shimano UN71 Bottom Bracket

The Shimano UN71 is a Deore XT level bottom bracket and second only to the UN91  in the pecking order.

It is targetted at the at the hardcore cyclist/racer who is going to put a lot of miles on the clock. The high quality sealed cartridge bearings will, literally, keep you cycling for years without any maintenance. It is a fit and forget product. Weight-wise it is very respectable considering the reliability you will have over many of the exotic alternatives.

Requires a Shimano TL-UN74 or Park BBT-22 tool for installation/removal.

Axle: 107-113-115-122.5-127.5mm
Shell: 68mm, 73mm
Thread: English
Colour: Silver
RRP: £24.95
Made: Japan



It appeared from 1993 to 1995 and formed part of the following Mountain and Road groupsets…

M735 – Deore XT
C700 – 700CX
6400 – 600 Ultegra
1055 – 105SC

M737 – Deore XT
C700 – 700CX
6400 – 600 Ultegra
1055 – 105SC

M738 – Deore XT
C700 – 700CX
6401 – 600 Ultegra