Real Titanium Bottom Bracket

Real’s flagship bottom bracket is well designed but, by the mid-1990’s, there were already so many high-end aftermarket bottom brackets available that they had trouble making themselves known. Their brand name ‘Real’ probably didn’t help either as it is very weak and uninspiring compared to the already well brands such as Cook Bros, Syncros, White Industries, Phil Wood, Action-Tec, et-al.

Back on topic, the bottom bracket has a hollow 6Al-4V titanium axle and adjustable cups which allow the bottom bracket to be installed in either 68mm or 73mm shells. The adjustable cups also enables more precise chainline adjustment.

The bearings are spaced further apart compared to convention low-profile bottom brackets which reduces spindle flex and wear to the bearings.

The plastic sleeve between the cups also eliminates excess load on the bearings. Coupled with the double sealed bearings, both of these elements help to increase bearing life by reducing contamination via the axle or seat tube.

Real’s CNC machined bottom bracket can be installed with conventional or low-profile cranks. It also installs with a standard Shimano bottom bracket tool for simplicity.

Axle: 103-107-110-113-117.5-122mm
Shell: 68 or 73mm
Thread: English
Colour: Silver
Weight: 155g (107mm)
RRP: £107.95
Made: USA