Real Cro-Mo Bottom Bracket

Real released a well spec’d Cro-Mo bottom bracket to partner their top of the range Real Titanium version. The only difference between them is the heat treated 4130 Cro-Mo axle vs a 6Al-4V titanium axle.

Due to the adjustable cups it has the ability to work in either 68mm or 73mm shells and it also helps you to achieve better chain alignment.

As history has now taught us, outboard (or at least wider spaced) bearings are superior in terms of having as little axle flex as possible and extending bearing life. Real were already doing this with their bottom brackets.

The plastic sleeve keeps the bearings aligned which prevents excess wear and early failure. It also prevents dirt/rust/etc. entering the bottom bracket via the seat tube. The double sealed bearings also keep out the elements and keep you riding longer.

These bottom brackets work equally well with conventional or low-profile cranks and they only require a standard Shimano bottom bracket too to install them.

At less than half the price of the Real Titanium, it is a good value alternative for those who are not as weight conscious and prefer an even stiffer bottom bracket.

Axle: 103-107-110-113-117.5-122mm
Shell: 68 or 73mm
Thread: English
Colour: Silver
Weight: 225g (107mm)
RRP: £52.95
Made: USA