Hope Steel/Titanium Bottom Bracket

Hope bottom brackets are very much fit and forget. Hope didn’t just follow the pack with this product, they tested double ball race bearings and even needle roller bearings (as used in the Bullseye Roller Bracket) before deciding that 2 x 61903 (6903) sealed cartridge bearings were superior in terms of keeping the dirt out and replacement cost.

Axles are available in stainless steel or 6Al/4V Aerospace titanium with tolerances of sub-2 microns and a longer 2 degree taper which helps to reduce creaking associated with titanium axles.

The cups are machined from billet 7075 T6 aluminium and have the HOPE loge etched into them. English (BSA) threaded models have LH and RH etched into left and right cups (respectively), to help ensure the user installed them correctly. Italian threaded cups also have the HOPE etching but not the LH/RH, instead they have M36x24 which denotes the Italian thread. Lockrings are only included with axles 117mm and above.

There is an aluminium tube in the centre the which has two purposes, the first being to eliminate side load to the bearings, and the second is to prevent debris from entering the bottom bracket via the seat tube.

A 6-pin Hope tool (part number HTT204) is required to install and remove the bottom bracket. These can be difficult to find, but Royce UK use the same pin configuration for their own bottom brackets.

Axle: 103-109-113-117-121-125-129mm
Shell: 68/70mm, 73mm
Thread: English, Italian
Colour: Cups available in Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Silver
Weight: 168g (109mm)
Made: UK