CQP Steel/Titanium Bottom Bracket

The CQP bottom bracket shares a lot of similarities with the Cook Bros Racing bottom bracket for obvious reasons – family.

It has deep alloy cups keep everything secure in the bottom bracket shell. Bearings are sealed cartridge as you would expect.

Axles are available in stainless steel or 6Al-4V titanium. They are the floating type (i.e. no shoulders) so they are held in place with locking collars each side. This makes chain alignment and swapping axles a breeze. It also means they will work with both 68mm and 73mm bottom bracket shells.

They are very well built, which harps back to their BMX origins, and will last forever if treated properly.

Also supplied with the bottom bracket is a natty CQP installation spanner!

Axle: 122-128-133mm
Shell: 68/73mm
Thread: English, Italian, American
Colour: Cups available in Silver
Weight: 210g (Steel), 292g (Titanium)
RRP: £87.95 (Steel), £144.95 (Titanium)
Made: USA