Bullseye Roller Bracket

This was Bullseye’s first attempt at a bottom bracket to cater for European BMX’s with English threaded bottom bracket shells. It was originally designed for BMX use circa-1977 but later adopted by the mountain bike comunity.

The unique feature of this unit was the use of needle roller bearings as opposed to traditional ball bearings. The idea itself was very clever in that the roller bearings spread the load compared to ball bearings and reduce friction, which leads to a increased bearing life.

The unit also benefits from a floating axle which is held in place with internal locking collars and makes adjustments a breeze.

So confident were manufacturers – Durham Bicycles – in the quality of its construction that they provided an unconditional warrany.

The cups are heat-treaded 2024-T4 aluminium. The axle is nickel/Cro-Mo steel which has been heat-treated and hardened.

Colours were originally a black axle with silver cups and by 1980/81 when production ceased they were available with red cups.

Axle: 109-121-127-133-139mm
Shell: 68mm
Thread: English
Colour: Black, Red
Weight: 312g (121mm)
RRP: $50 USD
Made: USA