Bullseye MTB Bottom Bracket

This is the first threaded bottom bracket supplied with 2-piece Bullseye (2nd generation) cranks which were intended for mountain bike use.

It made the transition from running a standard square taper bottom bracket and cranks to a full Bullseye set-up a relatively simple affair.

Unfortunately, the bottom bracket has two main flaws:

1. They have loose ball bearings with fibre board seals, rather than sealed cartridge bearings. This may be fine in the California sun but in wet and muddy UK/Europe these Bullseye bottom brackets get eaten for breakfast.

2. Your bottom bracket has died. You need a new one. They are almost impossible to find. The best solution is to use one of the many Euro BMX sealed cartridge bottom brackets instead. However, your 22.2mm Bullseye crank axle needs to be machined down to 22.0mm in diameter i.e. Shimano HTII size. Any good engineering company will be able to do this for you. This modification will enhance and future-proof your cranks. It’s a no brainer for anyone except those who insist on a 100% period correct build.

Axle: N/A
Shell: 68mm and 73mm (use external spacers)
Thread: English
Colour: Cups available in Silver only
Weight: 68g
Made: USA