Adaptaturn Titanium Bottom Bracket

Adaptaturn is a British brand that is even more obscure than Grey Components and about as illusive as tracking down Andy Powell of Overbury’s fame.

It is so rare, that we have never owned one or even seen one in real life. However, there isn’t any mention of them on the Internet (before this) so hopefully some will turn up/be identified over the coming years.

For now, all we can share with you is a feature from Mountain Biker International in 1993… The bottom bracket has a titanium axle, alloy cups/lockrings, central alloy sleeve and sealed cartridge bearings. However, it is also supplied with titanium crank bolts with the threads pre-coated with an anti-galling compound.

Shell: 68mm
Thread: English
Colour: Silver
Weight: 195g
RRP: £105
Made: UK