Action-Tec Attack Titanium Bottom Bracket

This is a super-light yet super-strong bottom bracket from Action-Tec. The hollow axle is manufactured using 6Al/4V Aerospace titanium. The CNC machined cups cleverly locate the SKF selaed cartridge bearings as far to the outside as possible, which increases axle rigidity, puts less stress on the bearings and increases life expectancy – this idea was taken a giant step further by Alex Pong at Magic Motorcycle who pioneered the outboard bearings/bottom bracket cups and a wider diameteraxle… which was later adopted by Shimano with their Hollowtech II in 2003.

Both the axle and cups have Action-Tec branding, the former etched into the centre of the axle and the latter around the outside edge of the cups. The cups also have L and R on the appropriate side so ensure they are installed correctly. The cups are only supplied with English (BSA) threads so Italian threaded frames need not apply.

In the bearing department are 2 x 61903 (6903) sealed cartridge bearings which can be easily replaced.

Action-Tec have produced their own 3-prong tool for installation/removal and it is preferable that this is used. While you could you use a basic hook wrench there is the possibility that you will damage the cups.

Axle: 109-112-118-120-122.5-124-128-133-135mm
Shell: 68 and 73mm (internal spacers for 73mm provided)
Thread: English
Colour: Silver
Weight: 140g (112mm)
RRP: $74.99
Made: USA

Action-Tec are still producing their great bottom brackets (and in a greater variety than before) so spares and tools are readily available.