Spécialités TA Alloy (1st Gen)

The French company Spécialités TA are probably the most well know brand of bottle cages. They had been manufacturing bottle cages when they were first bolted to handlebars and the frames of road and touring bikes.

In the early-1970s when bottle cage bosses/braze-ons started to appear on elite riders’ bikes in the Tour de France, Spécialités TA were ready to supply modified versions of their cages which would directly attach to frame braze-ons which were 64mm apart.

The cages are crafted from metal rods or tubing which is bent to form a simple and lightweight bottle cage. A sheet metal fixing plate is then attached to hold the cage in shape and enable it to be attached to a bike.

The Spécialités TA Alloy #1 cage is unusual in that it is not welded together. The alloy fixing plate is wrapped around the alloy frame of the cage and then punched to hold them together – later cages are welded. At the top end an angled plastic guide retains the two open ends of the alloy rod and provides easy entry for a bottle as well as holding it in place. The plastic guide has an italic “TA” logo on the front and “Made in France 4” on the back.

Different versions of the cages gradually appeared since then in both alloy and steel. The former for primarily the weight conscious rider and the latter for those requiring strength and/or the ability to hold larger water bottles.

The popularity of TA cages led to market domination throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Since then, they have become sought after amongst vintage collectors. And, due to an increase in demand from Singlespeed/Fixed wheel enthusiasts who desire modern components with a vintage look, Velo Orange started to produce reproductions of 1940s and 1950s style Spécialités TA bottle cages in 2008.

Available in colour Silver only.

Weight: 44g
Made: France