Sellution Components Ringle H2Faux

Connor at Sellution Components has done a fantastic job with these Ringle H20 Ultra Light bottle cage replicas. The cages are manufactured from a 1.2mm 6061-T6 aluminium sheet which is first machined, then rolled and pressed into shape – exactly the same process used by Ringle.

Ringle cages had a reputation for cracking around the mounting bolts, but the Sellution cages are more robust, so cracking is unlikely to be an issue. The added strength does come with a slight increase in weight at 53g, but this is a small price to pay for durability.

On first look, they appear to be identical to Ringle’s but there are a couple of obvious differences:

1. The design was intentionally given a subtle alteration which ensures they cannot later be passed off as original Ringle cages. The difference is noticeable when you look from the top of the cage i.e. the two curved edges (front and back) no longer have smooth curves but meet at a point in the middle which forms a minor “V” shape.

2. The cages were polished before being anodised. This gives the cages a high quality luster which you never found on the natural/brushed finish of the Ringle cages.

Unlike Ringle cages, the all important L-bend stopper is not included as standard. These are available to buy separately in either aluminium (as Ringle) or titanium. Once again, the quality of these is second to none. The standard aluminium L-bend stopper weighs 3g and the indestructible titanium version weighs 5g.

They were initially available in 4 vibrant colours (Black, Gold, Purple and Red) but this was quickly extended to include Blue and Silver due to popular demand.

Weight: 53g (cage only)
RRP: $29.99 (cage), $12.95 (Ti L-bend stopper), $7.95 (Alu L-bend stopper)
Made: USA

Purchase direct from: Sellution Components