King Cage Titanium Bottle Cage

The classic King Cage Titanium Cage has been around since 1991 when Ron Andrews was asked by a customer whether he could buy a titanium bottle cage. It was a lightbulb moment and one which would see King Cage release the first (and arguably the best ever) titanium bottle cage into the market.

These wonderful cages are made from one piece of 6mm 3Al/2.5V titanium tubing which is bent in a jig and two titanium mounting plates are welded in place to hold it all together. The plates are stamped “KING CAGE” and they have holes drilled 64mm apart for standard bottle cage bosses. The finish is natural titanium which means they don’t mark water bottles.

The cages are renowned for not dropping bottles, but if a bottle is slightly narrower than normal the cage can still be carefully tweaked to ensure it fits properly.

Titanium cages today are plentiful and mass produced. But there is something special about the heritage that comes with King Cage. Every cage is still made by hand in Ron’s garage in Durango, Colorado, USA. The materials are even sourced from the USA. And lets not forget that Ron Andrews cut his teeth at Fat City Cycles.

Available in natural titanium finish only.

Colour: Natural titanium
Weight: 28g
RRP: £39.99
Made: Durango, Colorado, USA

King Cage are still going strong today and the titanium cage is still available at