King Cage Stainless Steel Bottle Cage

The King Cage Stainless Steel Cage was released in 1996 to offer a high quality lower cost option to the legendary King Cage Titanium Cage.

They are made from 304 stainless steel tubing which is bent in a jig in exactly the same way as the Titanium Cage. The two ends of the tubing are welded together and two titanium mounting plates are then welded in place. The plates have holes drilled for standard bottle cage bosses. One plate is stamped “KING CAGE” while the other is stamped “SS USA” to ensure there can be no confusion between the Stainless Steel and Titanium cages.

The natural stainless steel finish will not mark water bottles.

Cages can be bent if required to hold bottles which are slightly smaller in diameter than normal.

Colour: Natural stainless steel
Weight: 48g (mountain)
RRP: £14.99
Made: Durango, Colorado, USA

King Cage are still going strong today and the stainless steel cage is still available at